Gojek Clone – Launch Your Own Multi-service App

Change the game in the on-demand service sector! Increase your control over several services under a single roof with our Gojek clone script.

What is Gojek Clone? How Does It Help Your Business Grow?

A ready-made software script called GoJek Clone can be used to create a new business app for an internet startup. For example, you may quickly create a new multiservice app that is powerful for on-demand business because it has been upgraded with many improved features that are currently available in the multiservice market sector.

Reaching out to any top application development company like On-demand Ninja, you should be able to successfully promote your new business application from the GoJek clone app development. Adopting a ready-made Gojek clone can simplify your work and save you time compared to creating a multiservice app from scratch.

Why Choose On-demand Ninja
for Gojek Clone?

The finest Whitelabel solution for starting up different on-demand service businesses is an app like Gojek. Every business, from ride-hailing to delivery services, would be catered to by the GoJek clone script’s useful features.

Introduce your multiservice apps like Gojek on-demand, which can be used to operate several businesses like taxi services, grocery delivery, eCommerce, food delivery, liquor delivery, and others. Our Gojek app clone is robust, has reliable functionality, and can be fully customized to meet your needs.


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Access Multiple Services Under a Single Roof with Gojek Clone

Give users a platform with unequaled customization and versatility for all of your services. With the Gojek clone app development for many services, you can choose the myriad of features

Riding a Ride

Build an effective taxi booking app that works similarly to Uber using our branded on-demand taxi app development service.

Taxi Booking







Delivery Services Online

You could transmit something from one location to another using the delivery service. Food, courier, flowers, prescription drugs, groceries, and other goods are all delivered.







Water bottled

Online Services

In addition to other services, users can use this section to engage handymen, babysitters, healthcare providers, laundry services, and auto repair specialists.

Car Repair




Beauty Service

Car Wash

Gadget Repair

Online Appointment Scheduling

Users have the ability to schedule consultations with doctors, nurses, yoga instructors, dance instructors, lawyers, and other consultants.




Any Consultant

Parcel Delivery Services

Users can order package delivery services by entering the source and destination addresses, the deadline for receiving the package, and the vehicle of choice.

Single Store


Digitize your multiservice business with a Gojek clone, as it is integrated with advanced features and enables you to control your entire business from your fingertips.

Modern and Customer-centric Features of Gojek Clone

You can get a complete answer to all of your issues with our Gojek like app. Along with a single app, we also provide
various services on easy-to-use platforms.

User App

Allow users to log in, set up their profiles, access any services, and make payments using multiple options smoothly

Simple Login The straightforward software doesn't have any difficult login processes. Any user can easily log in with just a few basic details.

A single app gives users access to more than 50 services, including on-demand service providers, transportation, and delivery.

With the use of these capabilities, users can reserve any on-demand services, such as a handyman or a cab, for either the current time or a future date.

Your clients can pay using Onmultiapp, including cash, online credit cards, and wallet transfers.

For the benefit of the consumers, the order history is updated to reflect recent orders, orders in progress, and the date and time of delivery.

Customers are informed of the progress of their orders via an instant alert message through SMS, Email, etc.

User Panel

With our well-thought-out Gojek clone, your customers can access various on-demand services.

customers can reserve services whenever they want with a single tap. They can access multiple services and book them hassle-free.

Customers can receive real-time updates regarding their requests through in-app chats or push messages.

Use one of the many integrated payment methods to get paid quickly and easily.

Provide personalized experiences by responding to user inquiries through in-app chat or phone calls.

Provide users with access to the specifics of their previous requests so that they can easily repeat them.

Users can provide star ratings and reviews to express their experience.

Merchant App

Let merchants manage services, bookings, users, and more using a dashboard. Run on-demand business with user-friendly apps and modules 

With the aid of a feature-rich panel, maintain control over your entire Gojek-like business.

Add or modify any information about your service providers or drivers, such as their profiles, services, costs, etc.

You can access and modify customer information such as name, address, scheduled services, payment methods, etc.

Obtain thorough data-driven insights into clients, service providers, demands, revenues, etc.

The merchant panel may track their orders in real time from anywhere. It is simple to see and keep order history records.

The service provider can monitor the profits and regularly assess them. Create sales reports depending on the income generated, then compute profits.

Merchant Panel

The Gojek clone app solution has many features that make processes easier and the workload lighter.

Access and control the records of all app-registered users and examine their profiles at any time.

From a single dashboard, examine service provider profiles and approve signup requests.

Evaluate service providers' performance and award or compensate them accordingly.

Conveniently keep track of all app and pay service provider transactions.

Easily manage the prices, and increase prices according to the circumstances to maximize benefits.

Improve your business's growth by gaining useful insights and analyzing its performance.

Partner App

Get a powerful dashboard with actionable analytics to run and manage your Gojek Clone operations from a single window.

hiring developers

Monitor and manage all orders, bookings, rides, and other activities with a bird's-eye view of your Super app like Gojek from a single location.

Gojek Clone can now be geofenced to show your online store's products based on where customers are located.

Administrators can quickly set up inventory; effectively and precisely manage the same to ensure that you never run out of on-demand products.

The administrator has the ability to create new discount codes, deals, offers, and promo codes to attract more users and permit partners to offer particular deals.

Make better decisions for your Gojek-like app by utilizing AI-based analytics and comprehensive business reporting.

The manager manages the categories, subcategories, ingredient types, and product prices from their backend.

Admin Panel

The powerful admin panel of the Gojek clone app makes user management simple. Utilize analytics for real-time updates and manage payments from a single dashboard.

Using a single dashboard, the app lets administrators approve new driver registrations and set commission rates, payments, and more.

Administrators easily access all registered users, their feedback, and the relevant coupons and discounts.

It can be easily managed, details about the fleet can be added, vehicles can be assigned, and even maintenance can be tracked to keep vehicles running smoothly.

The app's features allow administrators to use data-driven insights and metrics to make better business decisions.

Admins can create one-of-a-kind referrals and promo codes that they can share with friends and family to apply for discounts.

The app allowed administrators to monitor the entire fleet on an interactive map in real-time, allowing for operational control.

Disrupt the Multi-service Marketplace with the Powerful Gojek Clone App

Get a cutting-edge Gojek clone script that combines taxi, home service, and on-demand delivery operations into a single application.

Multiple Modules Made Easy to Run On-demand Business

A Gojek clone script comes with user-friendly modules designed especially for multiservice business

Customer App

Understand how to work with the customer app’s step-by-step details by examining its entire flow.

Merchant App

This flow includes managing orders, partners, customers, and earnings, as well as the execution of merchant tasks within.

Partner App

Partners can use the app to perform the assigned tasks independently, as shown by the app’s graphical flow.

Merchant Panel

The workflow of the web panel includes and explains all of the features that the merchant needs to complete their tasks.

Customer Panel

The app-like workflow of the panel’s customers is similar; comprehend how it interacts with the graphic representation.

Admin Panel

The admin panel manages the entire business and offers a 360-degree view, complete monitoring, and the ability to make updates.

Gojek Business Model

Examine Gojek’s business model, its key functions, its strategies, and much more to disrupt the multiservice business

Pricing Page

You can launch multiple online businesses with a single app, including taxi, delivery, and home services.

Outstand the Competition with Powerful and Scalable Gojek Clone

How Does ESuper – Gojek App Clone Works?

The Gojek Clone App is an all-in-one platform that lets users access a wide range of services from a single app. The user uses the required services, navigates through them, and then makes a payment using one of the many in-app payment options. The Gojek Clone App’s workflow and the options available to users, service providers, and delivery services will be examined in this section.

  • A customer requests a ride through the mobile app on their smartphone, and the same request is forwarded to a driving partner nearby.
  • The client's request shows the pickup place and the expected travel distance.
  • The driver can easily accept the partner's app's ride request.
  • Similarly, an email or SMS message, including the driver's information, is delivered to the consumer.
  • After a successful pickup, the driver finishes the ride through the app and helps the customer reach their destination.
  • It's interesting to note that drivers and passengers can rate their behavior, security, and safety interactions.
  • Customers can quickly and easily order groceries, medicines, or food online using the delivery app on their smartphones.
  • The app lists several restaurants and stores, allowing customers to search for a nearby establishment and place an order.
  • The owner of the store receives the order notification at the same time and accepts it.
  • After the store has prepared the order, the delivery boy picks it up and brings it to the customers' homes.
  • The customer is notified in full, from accepting the order to delivering it.
  • Customers can pay for it in advance using multiple payment methods, such as net banking, debit/credit card, or another payment option, or they can pay for it when it is delivered.
  • Add a pickup and delivery address after selecting the type of courier service.
  • Choose the kind of vehicle the courier must be delivered by selecting the type of delivery.
  • The price, estimated time, and distance will then be generated.
  • Then include information about the pickup and delivery, including a picture of the package.
  • Pay after reviewing the invoice and selecting a payment method.
  • Check the parcel's live status by tracking it.
  • Finally, reviews about the deliveryman can be added.
  • Customers can select the kind of service the Admin provides, and then subtypes are listed for each one in that area.
  • After that, select the service(s) you want, add them to your cart, choose a date and time, and fill out the necessary information for that service.
  • Move from the shopping cart to the checkout screen, where you can see information about the order, the service providers, and prices. 
  • After that, you can choose a payment method and pay.
  • For live updates, monitor the service status.
  • Leave reviews and ratings for future customers.
  • Let users choose the appointment booking type along with subcategories
  • Based on their requirements, users can book appointments by entering valid dates and time
  • After that, they will be redirected to the checkout screen
  • Review the appointments and make payment from the options given
  • Track the service status until your appointment gets done 
  • Rate and review the service based on the overall experience

Superior Features of Gojek Clone Script

On-demand Ninja allows you to add more intuitive and essential features to
Gojek Clone Apps for your multiservice business and keep it growing.

Real-Time Alerts 

The on-demand rideshare app gives passengers and drivers access to real-time notifications about the company’s activities.

Emergency One-Click 

The one-click SOS button functions similarly to speed dial and enables customers to contact service providers in the event of an emergency quickly.

Real-time Currency Exchange Rates 

The app automatically updates the currency exchange rates according to the country and converts the total cost into the local currency.

Social Media 

The application is compatible with several social media platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Create a highly effective multilingual app with powerful and culturally appropriate conversations in the user’s native language to increase conversions.

Allocate Admin Role 

The administrator, who gains privileged access, can assign sub-admins to manage and update the catalog, queries, orders, and many other aspects of the business process.

Steps We Perform for Exceptional Gojek Clone App Development

Follow a growth-oriented development method for Gojek clones to turn your investments into big revenues.


Choose technology and innovation consultancy and in-depth market understanding for a company-focused mobile strategy.


With our assistance, you will receive omnichannel experiences and user-focused digital tools that completely satisfy the demands of your customers as well as your company’s objectives.


We use an iterative strategy to create future-proof digital solutions, quickly handle shifting requirements and deliver on time and within budget.


We provide quality assurance, integrate new goods into your digital infrastructure, and use performance insights for upcoming optimization.

Why Choose On-demand Ninja for Gojek Clone App?

On-demand Ninja is a reputable on-demand mobile app development company renowned for meeting modern business needs and delivering best-in-class solutions at a reasonable price worldwide.

Committed Teams

Our dedicated team of mobile app developers is skilled at providing high-quality business solutions across various platforms and technologies.

Agile Methodology

We use the Agile methodology and have regular scrum meetings to enhance our practices and give the best results.

Unique Approach 

We thoroughly understand the client’s goals; thus, our designs demand skill. As a result, we ensure that the customer’s business is related to our distinctive user interface and creative approach.

Flexible Engagement Models

We provide our clients with the flexibility to choose from various engagement and employment options rather than having to cope with unwelcome stringent, and restrictive requirements.

Culminating Features of Our Gojek Clone Script

White Labeling 

Your company name and logo must appear everywhere. You can alter our name and logo with your own in the admin panel to be shown everywhere.

Change Theme and Color 

In our software, we may customize the logo and colors based on the client’s needs.

Advanced Analytics

You’ll need to know all the intricate details of how your new company performed if you want it to thrive and expand.

Unsurpassed Support

A longer period of assistance to assist you as the Gojek Clone App is developed and transforms your company.

Real-Time Call/Chat

The chat and call feature can establish a direct conversation or phone call between a customer and a service provider within the app. 

Call Masking 

Our cutting-edge app has call masking to protect your clients’ identities.

Additional Features Added in Our Gojek Clone App Script

We offer additional features in our Gojek clone that help businesses to reach new heights.


Quick Launch

Our applications are pre-built solutions that can be quickly modified and made available to the public.

Submission to Stores

The apps that you’ve purchased from us are submitted. For submitting iOS apps to the App Store and Android apps to the Play Store, we offer complete help.


In our app, we provide many language options. In addition, it will assist in addressing the rider’s communication issues.


For your customer’s convenience, we integrate various local currency integration tools.

Gojek Clone App Demo

An amazing customer panel designed and developed to make delivery and booking tasks easy for customers 
Let merchants manage all the tasks smoothly using an intuitive merchant panel that comes with modern features 
Allow admins to manage users, service providers, merchants, and much more through a powerful Admin panel
Corporate Console
Corporate Console

Gojek Clone Panel Demo

Let customers browse and book services at their convenience 
Allow merchants to manage all the massive tasks while they are on the go using the merchant app
Enable Admin to oversee each booking request and other transactions within the app

Disrupt the On-demand Multi-Service Business with White Label Gojek Clone

Enter the multiservice business with a robust Gojek clone and take the lead in the industry. Our ready-to-use Gojek clone app development services include the newest feature set to make running your business simple.

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Set Of Technologies Used

What Our Client says

Thanks to On-demand Ninja, my company launched an online delivery platform amidst the outbreak to empower local businesses. Very good value for the money. They are dedicated and very punctual in project delivery within the budget.


What a team of developers. I enjoyed working with them. They are highly skilled and very supportive throughout the project. They resolved my doubts even after the launch. Good Job. I recommend On-demand Ninja to everyone. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Super app's design gathers all user requirements in one location. Removing the requirement to download several Apps. Different super applications were released for various business sectors.

The Gojek clone app may offer various services, including taxi booking, handyman services, grocery delivery, food delivery, medicine delivery, meat delivery, and more.

YES, our application can be tailored to fit the on-demand service business model. We offer design and backend customization in accordance with corporate needs.

A super comprehensive application may take 24 hours to launch, depending on the project's needs.

Our solution supports English. However, we may change and enable your native language within the app depending on the needs of your project.

Yes. The services in the app can be changed or removed based on your preferences.

Numerous in-app features, like geo-fencing, multiple payment options, and distinct panels for dispatcher, Admin, and customer, are included in the GoJek clone app. Thanks to our unique customization, you can include several additional features in your app.

A multiservice on-demand platform is called Gojek. It is a little, all-in-one app that satisfies users' daily demands and significantly impacts South East Asian nations. Gojek Clone App development is the process of creating an app that is comparable to Gojek for your online multiservice business.

The commission fee approach is used to determine income in multiservice businesses. To use the platform, a user must pay a set amount of commission fees. Additionally, a specific commission fee is assessed to the service provider for using the platform to secure work. Therefore, the app owner receives income by obtaining commission fees. obtaining commission fees.

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