Top Electric Scooter Rental Service Companies in 2023

The electric scooter is a common mode of transportation for people with mobility limitations. They provide many advantages, including the freedom to go short distances without relying on a car or public transportation.

The use of micro-mobility services is sweeping the globe. Micro-mobility services have gained popularity in the industry due to technical improvements. As a result, public transportation has undergone a revolution in cities all over the world. People prefer electric scooters because they offer more freedom and are less expensive than cabs or ride-sharing services. The companies that rent out scooters provide an alternative by offering convenient mobility.

An estimated 28% or more of all greenhouse gas emissions across the United States of America are attributed to transportation. Nevertheless, even in a large metropolis, it is only sometimes practical to travel by foot or public transport. 

Scooter-sharing companies offer electric scooters with zero emissions that may be rented easily and affordably as a choice. Electric scooter rental companies should put their names on the list because the market for them is predicted to increase and reach $41.98 billion by 2030. 

Businesspeople have successfully capitalized on the scooter-rental services, and the pandemic demonstrates financial advantages to micromobility and the social (distance) and environmental ones.

As more students have become aware of this new, reasonably priced method of getting around the city, these electronic scooters represent the future of daily commutes such as going to classes, the office, tuition, and attending colleges on a large campus.

Let’s look at the entire development and current market scenario of electric scooter app-sharing companies before talking about the top electric scooter renting companies. 

Insight into E-Scooters Sharing Market: Statistics, and Much More

Insight into E-Scooters Sharing Market Statistics, and Much More

Electric scooters are more prevalent in Spain than automobiles and motorcycles. And similar scenarios might be seen in California, Los Angeles, and other European nations within the next five years. 

More individuals are switching from using private and public transportation to renting electric scooters, which is driving up the worldwide e-scooter market. E-scooters are clean and help lessen pollution. Additionally, they are a cheap form of transportation.

It’s important to have a clear grasp of the size of the scooter rental business both today and in the future as micro-mobility market estimates continue to be made and new pilot programs appear almost daily throughout the world.

Jaw-dropping Statistics of Electric Scooter Rentals Business

Jaw-dropping Statistics of Electric Scooter Rentals Business

According to Future Market Insights, the scooter-sharing market had a value of around $925.3 million in 2021 and is presently anticipated to increase at a CAGR of over 18% between 2022 and 2032.

Other experts like Fortune Business Insights predict that the electric scooter market will reach $31 billion by 2028 and grow at 10.7% over that period.

According to the forecast, adopting micro-mobility in the form of renting scooters will become more and more popular over the coming years due to its ease of use, affordability, accessibility, and availability of mobile apps that make the entire process of renting an e-scooter easier.

According to BIS Research, the worldwide micro-mobility market will grow at a CAGR of 11.95% to reach US$31.93 billion by 2029.

The largest market for electric bikes is in North America. According to P&S Intelligence data, by the end of 2018, about 85,000 electric kick scooters were available for rental in North America. However, Europe has the greatest scooter-sharing market (including other electric vehicles, such as mopeds).

Most Popular Countries Where Scooter Sharing Has Become a Norm

Most Popular Countries Where Scooter Sharing Has Become a Norm

The electric scooter rentals business has grabbed the attention of millions across the world, so you have ample options when choosing your own target audience if you want to commence a scooter-sharing company. Here we have jotted down the top five countries that boast the largest share of the electric scooter rental markets: 

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • The Middle East and Africa

The world’s two largest scooter-sharing marketplaces are in the U.S. and China, two global leaders. By 2032, the U.S. market for shared scooters is anticipated to grow from its current $40 million value to $1.3 billion.

By the end of 2032, the Chinese scooter-sharing market is expected to have grown to $383 million from its $70 million value in 2021. To build more charging stations and make China an even more desirable location for e-scooter-sharing companies, the Chinese government will invest more than $2 billion in this industry.

Over 65% of the revenue from the shared electric scooter is generated in Europe, the third-largest region globally, according to market research on electric scooters. 

With a CAGR of 37.9% compared to that of North America (17.1%) and Asia Pacific (8.9%), it is predicted that its growth will be the fastest in the entire world, and the reason is obvious as it is encouraging transportation equity and offers mutual benefits to everyone.

List of Top Electric Scooter Rental Companies

Electric scooters are widely used in Santa Monica, San Diego, Washington, DC, and throughout Europe and the U.S.

The companies that rent out scooters offer an alternative by offering convenient mobility. The top electric scooter rentals on the market are discussed in this article. To assist you in selecting the ideal scooter-sharing option in your area, we compare some of the top scooter sharing companies. 



In September 2017, Travis VanderZanden led the launch of Bird. In the past, VanderZanden developed Cherry, an on-demand car-washing firm that Lyft eventually bought, and was situated in Santa Monica, California. 

Bird scooter hordes may already be found in more than 80 cities. Additionally, the corporation moved quickly to form partnerships with colleges and universities to offer convenient and reasonably priced transportation. 

Bird has modified its business strategy to enable people to order a fleet for independent management. This business’s idea is remarkably similar to that of GOAT, a different dockless scooter rental company with sporadic success.

This software simplifies paying with your credit card and contains useful information, such as user guides and safety advice. For example, you may connect your device through Bluetooth to the Bird scooter and listen to your phone’s playlist or podcasts. To stay competitive in the scooter rental market, Bird has modified its scooters.



Lime, which has locations in more than 50 cities and a user-friendly smartphone app, is our top choice overall due to its usability and favorable user feedback. The platform is generally well-regarded, and Lime is a firm that rents out electric scooters and bikes in cities throughout more than 26 states in the United States. 

Lime electric scooters can be reserved using the Uber app and accessible through the Lime mobile platform. Additionally, the scooters can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge, despite some customers complaining that they are less comfortable than other models.

Riders showing proof of membership in a qualified public benefits program can receive a discount of roughly 70% or more on electric scooters and electric-assist bikes through the Lime Access program.



Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter, co-founded this international brand of e-scooters, which can be purchased in most of the U.K.’s major cities. With shared electric scooters that weigh just 17kg and with a range of 25 miles, Bolt boasts among the lightest models available.

The only platform in Europe that now sells ride-hailing, electric scooters, and electric bikes under a single brand is Bolt’s app. You only need one app to use any of these features.

The unlock charge and minute rate are used to determine the cost of an e-scooter ride. However, the website claims that consumers can get Bolt scooters for 20p per minute for the first 10 minutes, decreasing costs.



Derrick Ko, Euwyn Poon, and Zaizhuang Cheng founded Spin in 2016 as an electric scooter startup. To date, it has raised $8 million in finance, with the majority coming from Grishin Robotics, CRCM Ventures, and Exponent.

According to the sources, Spin launched its stationless electric bikes in January and is now concentrating on electric scooters after bringing its stationless bike-share program to South San Francisco last year. 

Similarly, a recent report by claims the company could join Lime and Bird on neighborhood streets this spring if the city council votes to adopt the proposed laws.

In East Lansing City, users can use the Spin app to find nearby electric scooters and books and track down scooters and books nearby.



Boosted Board introduced Skip, a San Francisco-based electric scooter rental service, in 2017, with the tagline “The Best Way to Get There” as its basis. In various American cities, it provides scooter-sharing services, and Skip scooters are electric, dockless scooters.

They are rentable using a smartphone app in several locations, and users can return them anywhere using their iPhone or Android device. They are a quick and effective way to get around town with a 30-mile range and a top speed of 18 mph (a great way to avoid city traffic).

They don’t require a dock so riders may leave them almost anyplace.



Another well-known electric scooter company on the market is called WIND. It is owned by WIND Mobility, a business founded in 2017 by Eric Wang with offices in Berlin and Barcelona. Electric scooters that are well-lit and emit no emissions are available for use throughout the entire city.

WIND is an app that allows scooters to be rented without keys, money, identification I.D. cards, or deposits. Users must tap on one item in the app to unlock the scooter. Safety is guaranteed through the company’s high-quality, sturdy scooters. Additionally, it provides cheap rides so that everyone can afford them.

A number of cities, businesses, hotels, and institutions can benefit from its hourly or daily rental solutions. The company also offers employee bonus programs to its clients.



Only five months had passed since Bird’s debut when Spin entered the electric scooter market. A little over a year later, Ford Motor Company purchased Spin for around $100 million. Spin began as a dockless bike-share business, quickly spreading to numerous large cities and college campuses.

Spin, however, stopped offering its shared bike program in favor of its more recent product immediately after the successful introduction of its dockless electric scooters.

Spin scooters have established themselves as a dependable alternative for anyone looking for an eco-friendly ride thanks to stronger anti-theft and vandalism methods, a new battery range of 37.5 miles, and safer, sturdier construction.

Today, Spin successfully competes with industry titans like Lyft Scooters and Uber-backed Lime scooters in more than 50 cities. These cities include Baltimore, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis, Omaha, and Washington, D.C.



The company’s main goals are to lessen air and noise pollution and relieve snarled traffic in urban areas. However, due to its selection of classic scooters, seated scooters, and e-bikes that are all fully electric, it provides the best equipment choice for scooter-sharing organizations.

Veo offers dockless scooters, allowing you to leave the vehicle wherever you like. More than 18 American towns and college campuses, including Washington, DC, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and San Diego, carry this electric scooter. 

Online shoppers can choose from a large assortment of electric scooters from this brand. The available scooters include cosmo seated scooters, halo e-bikes with electric assist pedals, and those with sizable airless tyres, a broad deck, and front and rear suspension.



In cities and on college campuses, it offers dockless electric scooters, which has reduced traffic. In addition, they provide their services in most areas where there are yet to be bigger ride-sharing firms.

All you have to do to utilize the app is download it, create an account, and then locate a local GOAT. Just $1 was needed to unlock it, and rides only cost $0.15 per minute. Astonishing new features, speed enhancements, and bug fixes are all there in the GOAT- scooter rental.

It contains a smooth one-time I.D. verification to assure safety, an improved rider experience for creating tickets directly from the ride summary, and other small adjustments.

Scoot Kick

Scoot Kick

Scoot offers electric scooter rentals. They sell kick scooters and electric mopeds, which have two wheels, and stand out since they are one of just two businesses permitted to hire electric scooters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Scoot decided to collaborate closely with the SFMTA, developing a pilot program for electric scooters and going through the required permitting procedures. Only 625 scooters can operate legally while adhering to all municipal laws.

It’s on purpose that Scoot has a small footprint in the United States. Before relocating to other cities, they wish to refine their procedure. The main cause of this is the fact that they are one of the few scooter rental businesses that also offer electric mopeds.

Which E-Mobility Brand Will You Choose?

The rise of micromobility has been difficult for many city dwellers to ignore. Flexible transportation options tangles that occasionally collapse like a line of dominoes are common in many cities. They now serve as a speedy, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly alternative to cars or public transportation for many metropolitan dwellers.

The micromobility sector of the economy is still young. Just ten years ago, the category was dominated by dockless bicycles, but the growing accessibility of GPS trackers and batteries, combined with the spread of smartphones, helped to build a user-friendly mobile app and made it simple to locate, unlock, and pay for a ride, has made it possible — and profitable — to offer electrically powered vehicles.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, there has been a need for alternatives to public transit, and this trend has continued as individuals have become accustomed to having more room to themselves. Sharing electric scooters is, therefore, one of the industries with potential.

The rising use of dockless scooters has been influenced mainly by increased congestion and social estrangement. They are also more affordable, simpler to operate, and environmentally friendly. In addition, more cities are allowing e-scooter fleets to use micro-mobility services like Bird, Spin, and Lime and are suing operating permits for them.

You must have realized from the e-scooter apps mentioned above that there is an increasing global trend toward electric scooter entrepreneurs. Additionally, numerous venture capitalists frequently invest in these firms. However, it suggests there is still a chance for new businesses and younger entrepreneurs to enter this sector.

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