Hire Remote WordPress Developers to Build Stunning Websites

A WordPress development firm like ours can provide you with devoted WordPress developers that will create and implement your WordPress solution with meticulous attention to detail and guaranteed after-sale support.

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    Why Hire WordPress Developers From Us?

    On-demand Ninja provides committed WordPress development services to improve and materialize any organization’s ideas. With each step, our best WordPress developers strive to offer client services at competitive prices, making us a cost-effective option for giving clients a higher return on investment.

    We are responsible for integrating with any organization’s professionals and giving them the right developer for WordPress innovation. We offer skilled experts with an in-depth understanding of WordPress-related technology. Among them are:

    • WordPress Plugin Development
    • WordPress Theme Development
    • JavaScript Skills
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Ajax/jquery

    Process to Hiring Experienced WordPress Developers

    Hire a dedicated WordPress developer or a remote WordPress developer from our firm to make your
    WordPress design and development ideas a reality.

    1. Contact Us:

    Why do you need WordPress developers? Yes, clients will be asked this question. By understanding your long- and short-term goals, we can learn as much about your company as possible.

    2. Shortlist Developers:

    We choose team members for your extendable team, and you can then interview them to verify their knowledge, skills, and suitability for your company’s requirements.

    3. The Kick-off:

    Our developers can start their new WordPress project with your company now. However, a high ROI will be delivered due to the extensive work put into ensuring that our developers seamlessly integrate with your existing team.

    How to Hire a WordPress Developer Online?

    Although it can be challenging to find top WordPress developers? Complete your research and making a detailed checklist of your project's needs can help you identify the best developers and guarantee the high quality of your finished output.

    Still facing a dilemma about how to hire a qualified WordPress developer? Send us your requirements; we will fulfill your business needs by leveraging emerging technologies.

    What is WordPress Web Development?

    Excellent open-source platform WordPress is. It is the quickest and most often used method for companies to develop high-quality websites. The creation and upkeep of WordPress websites are known as WordPress development.

    There will be about 1.3 billion websites online by 2022. There are currently 708 million sites using WordPress, which already exceeds 2 million downloads annually, which is predicted to increase significantly.

    Businesses can adapt WordPress to build other websites, even though WordPress development was initially exclusively for blogging and online publication. But now offering endless customization features, including custom plugging, custom themes, and much more.

    What is An WordPress Developer?

    A person who can create unique plugins and modules for a WordPress site is known as a WordPress developer. A genuine WordPress designer is capable of creating a theme for WordPress.

    A WordPress specialist can do everything from the development process to sound technical knowledge and assist you in completing the project by being aware of the appropriate plugins and themes.

    Therefore, it may be more challenging to hire WordPress developers than it first appears. On-demand Ninja assists you in finding the best WordPress developer for your future projects.

    What is the Average WordPress Developer Salary?

    WordPress is, without a doubt, the biggest content management system in the world. The requirement to support the platform follows from that. For example, the average yearly salary for WordPress developers is $72,500, at $37.18 an hour.

    This income is attainable even if it can vary greatly depending on experience, skills, and region. Not to mention, over the next ten years, there will be an additional 32% increase in demand for WordPress developers. Excellent compensation is possible for WordPress developers in the years to come. 

    Reasons Why WordPress is Perfect
    for Your Online Business

    The On-demand Ninja’s team has amassed the resources and skills to launch WordPress websites of the highest caliber over many years. We recommend it to clients for the following reasons:

    Most Popular CMS

    WordPress, the CMS with the biggest market share, currently powers over 25% of websites. Consequently, hiring a trained developer to build new websites is no longer necessary because WordPress CMS is easy to understand, even for non-technical people.

    Easy to Carry Out

    Because WordPress doesn’t require any technical knowledge to download or use, execution is simple. From themes to plugins to customer support, everything appeals to users to go with WordPress regarding any type of website development.

    Ready to Use

    As soon as you install WordPress, you can use it. Other than the customization you make to your theme and the plugins that work best for you, there is no setting necessary.

    Customization is Possible

    No matter what platform you choose, if customization options are limited, it won’t scale your business. With WordPress, entrepreneurs can have unlimited customization options and make changes as per customers’ preferences evolvement.


    You can’t just take for granted how versatile WordPress is. Thanks to its extensions and plugins, WordPress is flexible enough to fulfill all needs, whether you’re using the CMS for a small business website, a personal blog, or an e-commerce website.

    Secure Platform

    Additionally, WordPress makes it simple to update the software on your website, which is essential for preventing hackers and data thieves from accessing your site. In addition, some WordPress software updates happen automatically to guard against security flaws.

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