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On-demand Ninja has a team of highly skilled Swift developers who are well-versed in various technologies. Our dedicated Swift developers can turn your app idea into scalable, secure, and robust native iOS applications. You can hire Swift experts from us with full onboarding, administration, infrastructure, payroll, and compliance support to help you hire the right people faster

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    On-demand Ninja is the Best Place to Hire Swift Developers

    Hire skilled Swift developers from an iOS app development team. Our dedicated developers can help you build a versatile, high-performing application using cutting-edge technology. We create applications that combine design, functionality, and scalability. Get the best Swift app development services from an On-demand Ninja team with a lot of experience.

    Our team of top 1% experts has reached new heights of success through hard work and dedication. We have occasionally been inspired to accomplish various milestones by their extensive expertise in their fields. With their top-notch services and ongoing efforts, our empowered team constantly strives for better outcomes.

    We are a global hub for web and mobile app development that lets you hire highly skilled Swift developers for your Swift iOS development project hourly, full-time, or part-time. Applications geared toward iOS and OS X are developed and maintained by our Swift developers.

    Hire Skilled in Experienced Swift Developers in Three Simple Steps

    You can get high-quality Swift app development services by hiring Swift developers. For the development of iOS apps, we have been employing the agile development approach. It helps to break down complicated issues into smaller, more manageable pieces.

    1. Requirement Collection:

    Gathering requirements is the first step in the development process. Our team develops a list of questions to comprehend customers’ technical requirements. We also begin our planning at this point. When you hire Swift developers from our team, you can be sure of receiving high-quality service.

    Choose the Best Swift Developers

    Choose Swift developers from our team of more than 100. You can choose who joins your team by interviewing and narrowing down candidates from our in-house tech pool.

    3. Start Work with the Team:

    Our developers have now joined your team. They put in a lot of effort for you, and you can talk to them directly. You can begin assigning them responsibilities and receive daily updates and a timesheet.

    How to Hire Swift Developers Online?

    Swift developers should have the necessary soft skills and the aforementioned skills. They include the capacity to collaborate effectively with others, the capacity to effectively convey their concepts to clients and coworkers, an innovative outlook, patience, and dedication to the task at hand.

    Pick a developer with these characteristics, and they will be a decent expansion to your group. It is more complicated to hire a Swift developer who is dedicated. However, if you adhere to certain rules, you will have a sufficient understanding of how to hire a Swift developer. All of this results in a high-quality product at an affordable cost.

    Keep in mind that both soft and hard skills directly affect the quality of Swift app developers. Remember to value the technical experts' capacity for communication and teamwork. We at On-demand Ninja provide high-quality services to establish long-term relationships with our customers. Utilizing other cutting-edge technologies, we create Swift applications agilely to boost your company's productivity and functionality.

    Defining Swift

    Apple developed the open-source, general-purpose programming language known as Swift. Python's influence makes the language quick and easy to understand. Native iOS and macOS development are the primary uses of Swift. Swift is used to writing a lot of well-known apps like WordPress, Lyft, and LinkedIn.

    Swift can be used for more than just making apps for Apple products; it was made to be a language that could be used for anything. Swift has been compatible with the Linux operating system since version 2.2 was released in 2016 and will be available for Windows in 2020, following the release of version 5.3.

    It is now a programming language that works on all platforms and can be used with the top three operating systems. As a result, Swift is being used to create web services and even web applications, and developers may discover additional applications for it in the future.

    What is iOS App Development using Swift?

    Developers thoroughly understand how iOS functions on various Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Apps for iOS are created, tested, and refined by iOS developers to meet the requirements of their customers.

    iOS app development is typically carried out in a couple of languages: Swift or Objective-C: In the following sections, you can find out more about the software products that iOS developers create. For example, iOS developers can work for a company directly, independently, or both.

    Although work-from-home options vary from company to company, many iOS developers work remotely. Because most businesses rely on applications for customer relations or product support, iOS developers can work in various industries. However, the top industries that employ iOS developers are retail, technology, and finance.

    What is the Salary of a Swift Developer?

    Due to Apple's rapid expansion and evolution and a growing desire for new information and topics, a new generation of iOS enthusiasts and novice iOS developers has emerged. The demand for iOS developers and engineering iOS developer positions has skyrocketed as more and more Apple products, and services become ingrained in people's daily lives.

    An iOS app developer typically earns $97,875 annually in the United States. The following are some of the things that can affect an iOS developer's pay:

    What is the salary of Shopify web designers?

    • Size
    • Location
    • Expertise
    • Education
    • And current demand is all factors

    One of the biggest players in the smartphone industry, Apple has a large and loyal customer base that is expanding rapidly and will continue to do so. However, iOS developers will have a very bright future, and this market will grow greatly in the coming years.

    Exclusive Perks of Using Swift for iOS App Development

    Swift has demonstrated itself as a programming language that is smarter and capable of establishing a connection between iOS app developers, brands, and end users. For your next mobile project, Swift outperforms Objective-C in six fundamental ways

    Memory Management

    Swift unifies the language in a way that Objective-C never did with memory management. Over the entire procedural and object-oriented code paths, Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) is supported to its fullest extent.

    Sorted Code Structure

    Swift’s Concise Code Structure supports string interpolation, which lets programmers insert variables directly inline to a user-facing string like a label or button title without remembering tokens.

    Swift is Really Fast

    Swift code performance demonstrates Apple’s commitment to increasing the speed at which app logic can be executed in Swift.


    Swift’s clean syntax, which makes it easier to read and write, is its most significant advantage. Compared to Objective-C, the number of lines of code required to implement an option in Swift is significantly lower.


    Speed Swift also offers several speed advantages during development, which saves money. For instance, Python’s implementation of a complex object sort will run 3.9 times faster than Python’s.


    In 2015, Swift became open-source, enabling the language to be used on various platforms and for backend infrastructure.

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