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Our skilled backend developers thoroughly understand the most recent technologies and can custom-design a robust backend system that is compatible with all devices. Backend systems that are secure and impossible to crack are well-developed by our skilled developers. Today, hire remote backend developers to construct your robust backend system.

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    How On-demand Ninja’s Backend Developers Take Your Business New Heights?

    One of the best backend development companies, On-demand Ninja, helps clients quickly achieve their business goals by hiring dedicated backend developers. The writing of intricate functional protocols is well-known to our backend developers.

    Additionally, they have exceptional hands-on experience with the most recent technologies, which provide you with individualized, robust, and secure backend layers for your applications and websites. We also offer scalable backend solutions for cloud-based mobile and web systems in light of the expanding business requirements.

    We create generic, error-free, high-quality codes that can be used to migrate to the most recent technologies. Because of our flexible hiring model, hiring dedicated backend developers from us is simple and affordable.

    Hire Remote Backend Developers in 3 Simple Steps

    How can you locate a skilled and knowledgeable professional to build an excellent website or web app?
    Hiring a backend developer is as simple as it seems. 

    1. Send Us Your Requirenments:

    Send us your requirements, and we’ll send you profiles of carefully selected Backend Developers based on your business goals and type. 

    2. Profile Screening:

    Choose the backend developers that will work well with your project. Choose your favorite backend developer by conducting interviews with them. 

    3. Kickstart the Project:

    Start your project as soon as you hire Backend developers. Get skilled backend developers to work on your project after signing the NDA. 

    How Can An Online Backend Developer Be Hired?

    Backend developers are absolutely necessary for any business. Backend developers handle business logic and ensure that front-end development work is well integrated and delivered, considering each project's goals and vision, just like front-end developers are in charge of designing a website or app. Additionally, they are in charge of resolving any application-related technical issues.

    Therefore, finding the ideal candidate for your position as a backend developer may be essential. You need someone eager to succeed with your company, has a strong work ethic, and understands backend skills. A person who can fit in.

    Fortunately, your business can rely on professionals with expert knowledge of backend programming from Us. Experts who are familiar with version control systems like Git and the ability to administer databases and manage a hosting environment.

    What is Backend Web App Development?

    Developers who work on the server side are known as backend developers. It centers around data sets, prearranging, and site design. It includes activities that take place behind the scenes when using a website. For example, it could be logging into an account or buying something from an online store. Backend developers' code makes it easier for browsers to communicate with database data.

    • A backend developer must have skills in server, API (REST & SOAP), language development, database management, and cache management.
    • A front-end developer usually pays attention to the look of the website or app, which means visual components; in the same way, a back-end developer focuses on the web applications' data structure, database, and APIs.
    • The backend web developer should comprehend the website's objectives and devise efficient solutions.

    Who is Backend Developer?

    One of your development team's most important positions is backend developer. This individual will create and maintain your website's server, application, and database using related web technologies like Java, Python, Go, etc.

    To ensure that the web application's user experience is consistent with its functionality, a backend developer must work closely with a front-end developer. In addition, it is the responsibility of the backend developer to produce daily reports, monitor and organize database data, secure the application's functionality, and take speed and accuracy into account.

    Because they develop features and components on the server side, backend developers are essential to the success of a web application because users can access them indirectly through the front-end application or system. The entire backend is created, maintained, debugged, and tested by these programmers.

    Average Salary of Backend Developer

    Because they are in charge of programming and maintaining the company's website and all of its components, backend developers and engineers play a crucial role in digital projects.

    It is essential to remember that this is merely average and that actual salaries may vary depending on various factors, including the company you work for, location, and experience and expertise. Additionally, backend web developer positions can have salaries that are both higher and lower than the average in the technology industry.

    Backend developers' expertise is becoming increasingly important to every business sector, from start-ups to multinational corporations. Usually, a backend developer's salary is among the highest in the world, making it one of the most sought-after career options.

    Why do Brands Need a Robust Backend
    System for their Products?

    Choosing the right team to work on your website or app is very important if you want it to succeed. For example, the architecture that ensures that users of your app or website have a positive experience is created by backend developers.


    Hosting is the most obvious justification for a backend. If you build a web app using HTML, you need to host it so that your users can eventually access it.

    Central Data Access

    A backend makes the process of facilitating this shareability easier.


    Having a backend in the middle that shields users from one another can be helpful when sharing information over a network.


    Your systems are frequently not stand-alone. Instead, you want to incorporate some of the numerous APIs available online. The issue is that you must route access through a backend if they do not permit CORS access.

    Social Media

    Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, and LinkedIn Your app’s user onboarding can be made easier on any of these platforms.

    Legacy Systems

    Most of the time, a new app is just a new user interface for an old platform. However, there is a good chance that these older systems do not permit direct browser access; as a result, you will need to use a custom backend to move data around.

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