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Upscale your business’s level by hiring skilled remote Angular developers from On-demand Ninja. Our Angular developers have vast experience in building high-performing web applications with the highest standards and modern technologies that ramp up your project quickly while spending less

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    Why is On-demand Ninja Considered Best to Hire Angular Developers?

    On-demand Ninja is a leading AngularJS development company with a pool of carefully selected AngularJS developers skilled at providing web development services that are ready for the future. Our vetted Angular developers have extensive experience developing a wide range of web applications, including music streaming apps, online marketplaces, and single-page apps.

    AngularJS developers can be hired to enhance your development capabilities or create bespoke AngularJS solutions. In addition, you will have complete command of our world-class AngularJS developers when you hire them.

    This is because our dedicated developers are well-versed in all Angular versions, from Angular 1.0 to the most recent version. Our developers are skilled at using their knowledge to meet all of your individualized project requirements within the allotted time frame.

    Hire Angular Developers in Just 3 Easy Steps

    Our hiring process is straightforward but efficient. Inform us of your requirements if you wish to employ an Angular developer. We will examine them, evaluate the potential candidates, and provide you with their CVs. You can then hire an Angular developer according to your requirements.

    1. Post Requirenments:

    Share your project details with us, and we will share with you the profiles of experienced Angular developers that are suitable for your product.

    2. Screening & Selection:

    Shortlist the profiles of Angular developers, conduct interviews, and discuss your project requirements without any hesitation to build an amazing product.

    3. Kick-start the Project:

    After discussing the project details, sign NDA and start working on your project with our skilled Angular developers.

    How to Hire An Angular Developer Online?

    Even though Angular has grown in popularity, hiring developers with the right skills and work experience for your teams can take time and effort. Based on our work with industry experts, testing software developers' abilities during the screening process is the best way to guarantee transparency when hiring the best Angular developer.

    To determine whether or not an Angular developer can complete the specified tasks and develop your product, you should clearly understand the specialist's skill set, knowledge, and expertise when hiring them.

    On-demand Ninja is where price and value meet for lasting professional connections. For example, you can hire dedicated Angular developers who are guaranteed to be dependable and skilled and deliver quantifiable results in no time.

    What is Angular Web App Development?

    With its TypeScript base and a strong focus on Single-page applications, the JavaScript framework Angular is free to use, managed by Google, and offers several benefits for developers.

    Over 1.7 million developers, library authors, and content creators make up the Angular ecosystem. You should be familiar with the Angular CLI before exploring the Angular platform. The Angular CLI is the recommended, quickest, and easiest method for creating Angular applications.

    The Angular CLI is a good place to start because it makes developing Angular projects much faster. In addition, Angular is made to be as simple to update as possible so that you can take advantage of the most recent developments with the least amount of effort possible.

    What is Angular Developer?

    Angular developers are skilled JavaScript developers who are familiar with theoretical software engineering concepts. The core activity of an Angular developer is working on the client side of the software. They can develop an entire web application and website user interface service.

    In addition, Angular developer connects and creates components and modules to develop essential software. An interactive front-end for various web and mobile applications is also the responsibility of the Angular developer. As a result, their software of high performance is well-known.

    Backend developers and Angular developers work together to ensure that SPA is built by the terms and other technical details. After the development phase, Angular developers should also perform unit testing. They are in charge of testing services, components, code units, etc. When it is necessary to extract data from third-party services, Angular developers also know how to get access to APIs and external data sources.

    What is The Average Salary of Angular Developers Globally?

    Every company wants to hire an affordable Angular coder with solid experience and extensive domain knowledge. The employment model you select for hiring Angular developers, and the location are the two main factors influencing hourly rate and salary.

    Angular is becoming increasingly popular in the same organizations as AngularJS was: Non-tech companies on the Fortune 500. These businesses heavily rely on contractors, consultants, and outsourcing for their technology projects. High-quality developers can earn enormous hourly wages if they are willing to work in odd places or on short contracts.

    The range of pay is as follows:

    • Low: $58,299
    • Medium: $72,795
    • High: $94,416

    Why the significant difference? In addition to years of experience, special and additional education, certification, and experience with various platforms and technologies all play a role in determining salary.

    Boon and Bone of Angular Framework for Your Project

    Rich user experiences, quick response times, and code maintainability are some of the many benefits of the Angular web development framework. Other highly rated features that make Angular a developer’s go-to framework are outlined below.

    Google’s Support

    The fact that Google supports Angular is one of its greatest advantages. Google’s Long-Term Support (LTS) for Angular reveals the company’s intention to maintain the framework and expand the Angular ecosystem.

    Time to Develop

    With Angular, you can develop web apps more quickly and effectively. This is because this framework has technological advantages like extensive documentation, help and support from Google, and a large and growing developer community.


    With angular, you can create applications with pluggable modules, lazy loading, testability, a single data flow, self-contained functionality, and management similar to redux.


    It does not require any additional getter or setter functions when using Angular. This is because every Angular object is a POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object), which provides all of the standard JavaScript functions and makes object manipulation possible.


    Angular’s adaptability, including its routers, Angular CLI, and template syntax, makes it easier for developers to work on their projects and speeds up application loading.


    The ability to efficiently test Units independently comes with the additional benefit of having an application composed of components as elements.

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