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Hire Android app developers from us and get a team of skilled experts who have built initiative, scalable, and custom Android apps for different business spectrums. Work with top Android developers and get end-to-end Android app development facilities to address your digital needs

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    Why Hire Android Developers from On-demand Ninja?

    Get the best Android development services from vetted freelancer Android developers to build aesthetically customized applications for your new or ongoing business.

    Hire the best Android developers with knowledge of different programming languages and frameworks. Our Android developers use the emerging tech stack and also have huge experience working with various industries.

    Enter mobile app development? Invest in the best Android developers to witness the emergence of quality services and an assurance of unprecedented success that will upscale your business. 

    How does Our Process Work?

    Hiring Android app developers from On-demand Ninja help you build bespoke mobile apps catering to all business verticals. Hiring Android developers from us is simple, and we also offer dedicated support for your unique software development needs.

    1. Culture-first Recruiting:

    First, we gather your exact requirements and start screening the best resources internally. If all the job criteria are satisfied, we will let you know over mail or any communication channels

    2. The headhunting process begins:

    After collecting your requirements, we started looking for skilled Android app developers. We will submit the best resources. Choose any one of them, and the rest of the things we will communicate to maintain transparency 

    3. NDA, Payments, and Documentation – We Take Care of Everything:

    As soon as everything is in order on your end, we will sign the non-disclosure agreement, start the project, and discuss the rules.

    How to Hire an Android Developer Online?

    There is constant development in the Android platform. You can connect with most smartphone users by creating an Android app. You may use it to develop really safe, dependable, and resilient applications that millions of people adore and trust.

    We at On-demand Ninja support you in creating intelligent, user-friendly, and secure Android applications by providing a team of highly qualified and committed freelance Android developers. Our team of experts ensures that your business's needs are satisfied with effective Android applications on time and within your budget. Hire a developer for Android today with us.

    What is Android App Development?

    Mobile apps for devices running the Android operating system are created through the process of Android app development. Android apps are created using the Android Software Development Kit and languages, including Java, Kotlin, and C++ (SDK).

    Android was first made available in 2009 and is primarily written in Java. The mobile app market is currently dominated by Android, which has an extensive global clientele and the bulk of the market share.

    What is An Android Developer?

    A software developer focused on creating apps for the Android app store is known as an Android developer. Apple's app store has a direct rival in the Android market. This indicates that developing the apps we use on smartphones and tablets takes up most of an Android developer's time. Android developers have two employment options: they can work internally for a sizable company, or they can work for an app development company.

    When it comes to technology, Android developers also need to be something fashionable. From having knowledge of programming languages to hands-on Android Studio to designing and prototyping, an Android developer needs to keep up with the most recent mobile developments to create the greatest apps.

    Additionally, they are responsible for creating backend services and testing the mobile application. They must work on the debugging procedure to increase the application's performance. They are also in charge of investigating new technologies to use and boost app effectiveness.

    Android Developer Salary Across the Globe

    Did you know that over 6000 new apps are published daily on the Google Play Store? It suggests an increasing demand for mobile app developers who are familiar with operating systems and can create amazing user interfaces for various apps. Android is one of the operating systems that mobile phones and other devices use the most frequently. Android Development is in demand and is expected to increase at an exponential rate.

    Therefore, if you possess the necessary skill set and are willing to keep yourself informed, your career as an Android Developer is anticipated to continue expanding. Their level of updating and upskilling directly or indirectly influences android developers' salaries across the globe.

    Benefits Your Business Can Reap from
    Android App Development

    Hire Android app developers from On-demand Ninja because we have skilled developers who can create unique Android apps that perfectly align with your company’s needs. Due to the innovative app solutions our Android programmers have produced so far, our services are widely sought-after in the present business and allow them to reap certain benefits, such as:

    Captures Large Market Share

    Approximately 2.8 billion people use Android OS daily, so you can see the potential influence that applications can have! However, its tremendous benefits, such as its broad client reach, make it the chosen platform for businesses.

    High ROI

    Comparatively speaking, Android has a low entrance barrier. Android’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is freely available to the developer community, which reduces the expenses associated with development and licensing.

    Scalability Alternatives

    The Android app platform’s flexibility enables development teams to create dynamic mobile applications that can be used for various purposes once downloaded and installed on a device.

    Customization Options

    The Android operating system performs better than the Apple platform regarding flexibility and adaptability, for example, businesses can modify Android devices to fit their business model and daily operations.

    Run on Any Device

    The software may easily be ported to different operating systems like Symbian and Ubuntu because Java Runtime Environment is utilized as the programming language. As a result, businesses can target several platforms by using Android app production.

    Superior Security

    In this situation, Android is essential in providing a stable forum. It added additional built-in malware and virus defense capabilities. In addition, it helps the business choose the best course of action for the app development process.

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