Uber Clone – Serve Your Passengers with Cutting-edge Solutions

Make the lives of your commuters easy and let them not juggle through challenges to get a taxi at their preferred location. Revamp your conventional taxi business with robust Uber clone solutions and cater to modern passengers.

Uber Clone – A Comprehensive Technology Solution to Kick-start Online Ride-hailing Business-01

Uber Clone – A Comprehensive Technology Solution to Kick-start Online Ride-hailing Business

Looking for a modern solution for your existing transportation business? We have the best solution with customizable features that deliver a seamless experience to your customers. Embrace Uber clone and allow your customers to book a cab at their fingertips.

Give your customers the best possible user experience with our advanced Uber like app solution and expand your business without any boundaries.

Uber Clone Script- Perfect Choice to Enter the Online Taxi Booking Business

Get started with a feature-rich Uber clone script to connect with your customers and foster business growth
towards the optimum business productivity level.

One-stop Solution

Taxi App Solution for All Types of Transportation Business

Streamline any transportation business with our Uber clone solution that comes with alluring features and makes it easy for entrepreneurs to enter the promising online ride-hailing business

Car Rental Script

Make a Headstart into the Car Rental Business

To successfully operate a car rental business utilizing technology, you need an on-demand car rental app and a fully white-labeled software solution that automates bookings and help your business achieve objectives faster

Carpooling Solutions

Reliable and Easy-To-Use Mobility Solution for Employees

Create a carpooling app that lets employees communicate with one another, saves them money and time, and provides amazing benefits to businesses. A carpooling solution offers real-value benefits for your employees and organization

Our Uber Clone Comes with a Myriad of Unique Features

You can guarantee that your consumers worldwide will receive a standardized service thanks to our Uber clone development services. We offer an affordable, user-friendly method for creating taxi booking applications for iOS and Android that comes with unique modules and deliver a pleasant experience to all the stakeholders involved

Power Your Online Ride Booking Business with Distinct Modules

Harness the power of ready-to-use Uber clone solutions and redefine the success of your transportation business today

Customer Application

Customer application offers various exciting features that make it easy for them to book a ride in a couple of clicks.


Passengers are offered two options while booking a cab. To reduce waiting time, then can schedule the ride by entering a valid date and time. They can also choose the option "book now" if they are in a hurry.

After booking the ride, passengers can call the driver for the location and other ride details without leaving the app. This feature is helpful when connectivity is slow, and users cannot access Map.

Rate and review the driver based on the overall experience. This feature help entrepreneurs address customers' pain points to improve their services and develop the best solution.

Users can pay for their orders through secure payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, and others. It is also possible to integrate several payment gateways without any issues. For example, let your customers ride without difficulty and pay with cash too.

Uber clone script allows users to create a promo code in the admin panel to draw users to a product. It's an intriguing marketing strategy. Users can apply promo codes while making bookings to get exciting discounts.

Roam around multiple cities without hassle; passengers can rent a car for a stipulated time. Book an outstation cab by entering a valid date and time and choose from an extensive range of cars option, from economy to luxury.

Driver Application

An easy-to-use white-label taxi app, similar to Uber, for all drivers, enabling them to work more effectively. Give your fleet the most dependable and potent app to increase productivity.

Drivers can generate earning reports within the application. They can also check monthly, weekly, or bi-monthly reports, including the tip amount received from happy customers.

The drivers will be able to register themselves with their information thanks to this simple function. They can also sign up using social media credentials.

This feature of the Uber-like taxi booking app allows the driver to adjust their availability through the app easily. However, they can go ideal anytime, if they want to avoid getting new booking requests.

Drivers may effortlessly keep track of their prior rides and transactions with the help of this tool to examine comprehensive information. For example, they can view bookings, the amount earned from them, and much more quickly.

Drivers may easily build their profiles on the uber clone driver app with their information, such as name and contact information.

The drivers will receive all ride requests and bookings notifications through this uber clone script, including the pickup location, customer name, etc.

Driver Application

Admin Console

Through the Admin Panel, the usage and management of the Driver and Passenger Apps of this premium Uber cab booking application can be simplified.

Corporate Console

View and manage all user records who have downloaded the app and examine their profiles at any time. Similarly, manage drivers easily, with their contact details, reviews, and much more.

From a single dashboard, examine the profiles of service providers and accept signup requests.

Make an app similar to Uber to monitor service providers' performance and reward or compensate them appropriately.

Keep track of every transaction made through the app and pay service providers easily.

Simple pricing management. Increase pricing as needed to maximize benefits. Surge pricing amid the pick hours and boost the business profitability quickly.

Get insightful information and assess your company's performance to expand more quickly. Check reviews from users and drivers and make necessary improvements to stand tall in the market.

Dispatcher Console

Our efficient uber clone dispatcher panel offers a suitable option for assigning, tracking, monitoring, and efficiently dispatching drivers.

Using personal information like their name, address, phone number, profile picture, etc., the dispatchers can build and manage their profiles using this feature.

Using the convenient dispatcher panel for taxi booking, dispatchers may quickly register themselves.

The dispatcher may keep track of all the information about the drivers and passengers for future use thanks to this function.

The dispatchers can manage the passengers' demands for viability thanks to the dispatcher panel script for the uber clone.

The dispatchers can view the passenger and driver feedback using this tool. They can filter all the reviews and ratings and take necessary actions to enhance the services.

Detailed information on the available drivers for each area and an overview of all the scheduled and ongoing rides.

Dispatcher Console

Partner Console

Let partners manage their cars, bookings, commission amount, and much more with a simplified dashboard that comes in the partner console

Partner Console

The partner can use GPS to see all drivers' current whereabouts on a map. For example, the Admin detects a rider's pickup address, the route to the driver's present location, and the start and end of the ride.

The administrator of scheduled rides has access to a list of all forthcoming rides with information on ride id, user-driver names, pickup-drop locations, pickup dates, and pickup times.

Administrators can view approved providers' names, emails, contact information, and the total number of pending approved and finished requests. Administrators have the choice of disabling or blocking the driver's account.

Partners can add and change any documents that are necessary for driver accounts, including proof of insurance, identification, and driving privileges.

All riders, unapproved drivers, and permitted drivers' current whereabouts are all visible to the partner. This function can readily report a user's location to a partner.

The overall commission earned by the system and the driver's earnings reports are accessible to the partner. The ride id, ride type, driver-user name, route, driver commission, Admin earning amount, and payment type are all details that are visible in the partner console.

Customer Panel

Let the customer book a ride through the website. An Uber clone solution that lets the passengers have complete control and experience the best. 

This feature allows passengers to book a ride effortlessly. All they have to do is enter the time and pick-up-drop locations to book a ride.

The taxi app, which is similar to Uber, locates the right geographic locations and gives the customer access to real-time car tracking.

Our Uber clone app is set up to have a built-in wallet or to accept card or cash payments depending on what the user deems appropriate.

Our Uber clone software source code includes Google map integration, which enables the user to modify his location information and choose a destination.

Our taxi app, which will be similar to Uber, will offer constant notifications on the payment, fare, tracking, feedback, and ride status.

The rider can access wallet functions using our app. For example, riders have a choice wallet for paying for rides if they don't want to use cash or a credit card.

Customer Panel

Corporate Console

Let your employees leverage corporate mobility solutions and enable organizations to manage rides, ride history, and much more

Corporate Console

Corporate users can edit their profiles in the app by entering information such as their firm name, website address, contact details, and others into the panel.

According to the company's discretion, employees may be added to or removed from the Uber clone app. They could also review and update their data.

The corporate can promptly request transportation by entering the total number of individuals and their locations onto the company website.

They can learn intricate facts about a particular journey or employee by using the various filters included in the user-friendly corporate dashboard of the Uber clone app.

Sign up for a Corporate account using the same information, then log in later to access services.

Organizations can use the corporate console to manage payments to know how much they should deduct from employees.

Driver Panel

It will cost you a lot of money to design an Uber clone app and invest in technical solutions. The driver app is the most important component, and we offer the most cutting-edge features in it.

Before they can begin, drivers must submit documentation for verification, including a license, driver certification, etc.

Drivers can manage (accept or deny) incoming requests in real-time thanks to this capability.

Our Uber clone script allows drivers to monitor their overall revenue from rides and tips separately.

Our ride-hailing app offers route navigation to pick-up and drop destinations to save time. Drivers can choose the shortest route to reach the passenger's destination.

If a problem arises, drivers can use the app to interact with customer service or support personnel without leaving the app.

As their friends register, drivers can give them the referral code to earn rewards.


Hotel Console

Make it easy for hotels to book a cab for their guests and deliver an exceptional experience.

Hotel Console

By enrolling and logging in with the provided credentials, hotel management may quickly start using the Uber clone app services.

By specifying the guest's location and other pertinent details, hotel owners can ask the panel to arrange transportation for their clients or visitors.

The administrator of the hotel panel may access the request history through the panel to view all transportation requests and passenger data, including time and date stamps.

The panel manager can use the hotel console's extensive and sophisticated filter options to manage and gather important data.

The hotel partners may keep track of all the information about the drivers and passengers for future use thanks to this function.

The hotel console comes with certain alluring features, from canceled requests to ongoing and scheduled rides.

Extraordinary Features that Make Our Uber Clone Unique From Others

Our team of professionals has developed a fantastic Uber clone with outstanding features and contemporary technologies.

White-label & Customizable

Whitelabel solutions are software packages that are ready to use but can be easily customized and branded to fit your company’s logo.

White-label & Customizable
Install on a Server of Your Choice

Install on a Server of Your Choice

On the server of your choice, we assist you in deploying the solution. For example, we can deploy on our server for a small price if you don’t have access to one.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The integration is simple regardless of whether you wish to use our highly recommended Stripe, the widely used PayPal, or another payment gateway.

Multiple Payment Gateways
Durable and Scalable

Durable and Scalable

What began with a small number of users and drivers will quickly expand to hundreds of users and thousands of drivers in numerous locations.

Multilingual Support

You can tap into untapped markets by offering a taxi booking service to passengers in all the major languages worldwide, serving domestic and international consumers’ needs!

Multilingual Support

Want to Disrupt the Online Ride Booking Market?

Contact us and get started with the Uber clone that upscales your transportation business and is built with a comprehensive tech suite.

Features That Set Apart Our Uber Clone in Crowded Market

Using an Uber clone development platform with amazing features, utilize more promising growth prospects.


Drivers using navigation systems may easily find customers’ locations and determine the quickest path to get there on time.


With this capability, the driver can notify the Admin of an urgent withdrawal of funds. In addition, they receive the payment directly to their registered bank account.

Alert on the Road

When a passenger makes a reservation for him, the driver will be notified. The driver receives change as well if he leaves the application.

Determine Your Cost

Before booking their transportation, users can obtain a briefing on the fare to help them plan their travel appropriately.

Using Language to Select Drivers

Choose local drivers who are fluent in the local tongue to improve client relations and draw attention to your brand internationally.

Referral Programs

Run referral programs, cashback promotions, and free limited orders to expand user reach and booking volume

Optional Tips/Tolls

Including tips and tolls in the app may save time and improve your chances of making more money.

Gender-Based, Disabled Access, and Child Seat

Make your app suitable for all types of people by including sophisticated features like gender-based seating, disability seating, and child seating layouts.

Uber Clone Supports Multiple Payment Gateways

Accepting and managing payments has become easy as our Uber clone comes with all the latest payment options

We have integrated the PayU payment gateway to make the payment process easier

The stripe payment gateway supports all kinds of credit and debit cards.

Passengers are free to make payments via Paystack

Modern Features to Fuel Growth for Your Taxi Booking Business

To stay competitive, your business can profit from deploying an Uber clone script with a few top-notch features.

Stylish Design

Stylish Design

You can give the app the greatest design possible by changing the Uber clone app to match your business and including powerful features that symbolize your business idea and strategy. Improve user interaction with the app by adding a graphical flow and a modern design to increase conversions.

Referral Programs

Run referral programs, cashback promotions, and free limited orders to expand user reach. Give consumers the option to invite friends and family and reward them once they use the app. Build a long chain of referrals as a marketing tactic, and as a reward, offer a small sum of cash or services to increase your potential reach.

Referral Programs
Global Reach

Global Reach

Your business will be promoted to a vast audience by creating a mobile app. The taxi app expands the client base while increasing revenue. Additionally, as you become more well-known, more and more merchants will want to collaborate with you.

Robust Dashboard

All of your company’s jobs can be planned and dispatched here. Appoint many operators and administrators. Your dashboard provides a comprehensive, scalable, and secure private environment for you and your admins and operators.

Robust Dashboard

Multi-Business Key Features

Be a futuristic entrepreneur with Multi-city features of Uber clone

Multiple Language

Uber-like app script comes with multiple language support, making it easy for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses without any geological boundary. Serve customers to any country and region without a language barrier.

Multifare Charge

There might be more traffic in some areas of the city than in others. As a result, we incorporate capabilities that allow administrators to set various fare costs within the same city with the option to set various prices per kilometer or a mile and different fare charges per vehicle.

Multiple Currency

Want to take your business overseas? No issues; our Uber clone script comes with multiple currency features that help you generate revenue globally. Admin can enable or disable the currency toggle as per their requirements.

Unique Set of Features that Make Your Uber Clone Powerful

There are several extra features available that will hasten your progress.

Commission Management

Commissions may be efficiently managed for each partner, utilizing the admin dashboard without hassle. Based on the total ride bookings, Admin pays commission to drivers, partners, and dispatchers.

SOS Alert

Users using the SOS alert feature have the option to either phone the police or notify their emergency contact. The user’s location information is immediately transmitted with that emergency number or contact person. So, if you find yourself in a tough place, stop worrying!


Here is one of the reasons we said our uber app clone is customizable. Our Uber clone’s eye-catching landing page can be customized to meet the needs of business owners.

Fully Secured

The best security features in our Uber clone script guard against attacks and give your consumers access to a safe platform free from flaws. For us, security is a process rather than a finished good.

In-app Notifications

Never let one of your drivers pass up a chance! When someone requests a ride, when a ride ends, and receives payment, our notification panel on the driver’s app will alert them. In the same way, passengers also receive all the notifications on time.

Heat Map in Driver’s App

Thanks to our heatmap, your drivers are always aware of the pickup locations where more drivers are required. This feature is everyone’s favorite during rush hour. Admin can leverage this heat map feature to increase bookings and revenue.

API Access

Every type of business can find something here. Choose from the available APIs to personalize your online taxi booking solutions. From payment to their change to currency and much more, they run business smoothly with API access.

Business Analytics

The Admin can view the data and analytics to develop a successful business plan using the admin panel of a taxi app like the Uber application. Admin can also make future business decisions based on these reports.

Extensive Range of Vehicle

Riders are free to select the kind of vehicle of their choice and can have a comfortable journey. Passengers can choose the type of vehicle they want, from Sedan to SUV to airport pickup special vehicle and much more.

Seating Selection

For the convenience of the passengers, they can select handicap seats, child seats, and the female drivers of their choice. Even in some cases, users are allowed to carry pet with themselves.

SMS Gateway

Users of Uber clones can sign up with their mobile number, receive ride-related updates by SMS, and receive a security OTP upon sign-in.


The software solution allows users to tip the drivers of their choosing. For example, administrators can establish the maximum amount of tips that users can offer drivers in all payments, whether in absolute or % form.

Supreme Features of Uber Clone Script

Premium features to headstart with your Uber clone script

Audio Calls

The easiest strategy to draw users is to give them a smooth communication experience.

Splash Screen

The dynamic splash screen will offer your software a polished and distinctive appearance.

Dispute Management

On a specific trip, the drivers or passengers may complain about the particular issue.

Route Optimization

Drivers can choose the shortest route to reach the passenger’s location to save time.

Modern Modules of Our Uber Clone Solutions

Create a unique market identity for your company, anchored by functionalities that are based on the best Uber clone solution.

For the clients or riders, it is the user end. Through this app, they can quickly schedule rides, designate favorite places, and book taxis. Enables drivers to earn money by collaborating with the Uber clone app and utilizing driver-end capabilities like toggling, accepting or rejecting ride requests, etc.

This adaptable dashboard, which can be found in the Admin panel, enables your Admin to monitor all platform operations. A useful addition to your administrator's toolkit! Using the required administration tools, such as driver, user, vehicle, rides, and payments, our Uber clone enables Admin to quickly keep track of every aspect of the taxi booking business.

The dispatcher can manually book taxis and allocate drivers on this panel, which also assists in managing ride requests and the preparation of ride invoices. Dispatchers can also take a bird's view of the overall business using advanced features.

Along with the smartphone, customers can book a cab using the website with all the processes mentioned in the customer panel. They can even track the driver and make payments on the web.

The hotel management is in charge of the console. They can utilize the extensive filter options to look up prior rides, book rides for their clients, and view the ride history.

Increase the size of your Uber-style ride-hailing company and connect with more partners. As a result, sharing the workload with partners will be easier.

The driver panel is a graphical depiction that shows the flow of all driver services and management information like profiles, payments, ratings, and reviews.

The corporate console assists businesses in managing employee transportation, scheduling individual excursions for each employee, and updating information regarding their whereabouts and contact information.

Learn about the Uber business model, including their earnings, commissions, customer connection management, employees, promotional services, etc.

Contact us to know how much it cost to develop Uber like app for your ride-booking business.

Get Started with the Finest Uber Clone App Development

Algorithm We Deploy

Algorithm We Deploy

An algorithm that makes it easy to book a cab in a hurry!

Locate the Nearest Driver Algorithm

The Admin can specify “x” people who will get the travel request from the admin panel.

Ten drivers closest to the user will receive requests if the administrator sets X=10 in the admin panel, for instance.

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